RECAPS: As you can see, the results are a little bare for the previous tournaments. I'll be working to fill out the results, but documentation is incredibly poor.

The first CGS qualifying LAN was completed, and Forbidden, rSports and Check-Six mananged to secure the three auto-berth entries. Hyper and EG had disappointing finishes, while top teams like coL, 3D, and EFG didn't attend. In addition to the entry into the CGS qualifying tournament, the three teams will also have their hotel accomodations provided for them.

United States LAN (April 2007)

        1. Sweden Forbidden Entry into 2007 CGS Qualifier, $350/player stipend for transportation, Hotel Lodging
  2. Norway rSports Entry into 2007 CGS Qualifier, $250/player stipend for transportation, Hotel Lodging
  3. Poland Check-Six Entry into 2007 CGS Qualifier, Hotel Lodging
  4. Poland verGe  
  5. Poland United 5  
  6. Poland Hyper  
  7. Poland EG  
  8. France Eximius Sports  

United States Intel Invitational (February 2007)

        1. Sweden compLexity (5) Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 Conroe
  2. Norway Hyper! (5) SteelSeries GamerPacks from GotGear
  3. Poland Team 3D  
  4. France EFG  

? SHGOpen (February 2007)

        1. Poland Volt Gaming $3,467 USD
  2. Sweden $1,733 USD
  3. Finland Alternate aTTaX $867 USD
  4. Denmark Real Life Rejects $347 USD
  5. United States Insignia Cadre $173 USD

United States DC LAN (January 2007)

        1. Germany Awakening $4,000 USD
  2. United States WTMSD (3D/verGe pug) $2,000 USD
  3. Sweden Devastation $1,000 USD

United States Ryu LAN (November 2006)

        1. Sweden EFG $?
  2. Norway verGe $?

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