RECAPS: Fnatic wins the last tournament of 2006 to go along with a third at the WSVG Finals and second at ESWC. They were by far the most impressive Swedish team of the year, as SK.swe and NiP finished the year in disappointing fashion (only NiP had one notable finish: second at WCG in October).

3D had a poor placing at CPL, but they were consistently among the top finishers in 2006 and placed better than the other top American team, compLexity, at every major tournament. coL, on the other hand, needs to regain their winning ways before Jason Lake has an aneurysm. Nobody has talked about Pandemic, but they had a good finish at the WSVG Finals and a decent showing at CPL. If they can build on these successes, they're going to take a lot of teams by surprise in 2007.

Alternate aTTaX rolled through the WSVG Finals. Pentagram also had an excellent year, and both of these teams should remain near the top in 2007. The biggest question: what happened to They won WEG on their home turf and then disappeared for the rest of the year.

2007 looks to be a great year for eSports. Kyle “KSharp” Miller rejoins 3D as as they and and other 1.6 teams try their hand at CS:Source, spurred largely by DirecTV's new tournament. But that isn't the only question for 2007. Will show up this year? What team benefited the most from the U.S. roster shake-ups? Will Fnatic remain on top of the Swedish CS scene, or will newly-rebuilt NiP and the always formidable SK.swe come roaring back to reclaim dominance? We’re all looking forward to the action.

United States LAN (April, 2007)

        1. Sweden Pandemic $12,000 USD
  2. Norway Turmoil $5,000 USD
  3. Poland immiNent Demise $3,000 USD
  4. France x3o  
  5. China Backfire  
  6. South Korea NetFragz  
  7. Finland Nocturnal E-Gamers  
  8. United States CyberGamerz  

United States CPL 2006 (December 20th, 2006)

        1. Sweden Fnatic $30,000 USD
  2. Norway Meet Your Makers $21,000 USD
  3. Poland Pentagram $14,000 USD
  4. France Against All Authority $9,000 USD
  5. China Hacker.Gaming $6,000 USD
  6. South Korea Project_kr $5,000 USD
  7. Finland 69°N-28°E $3,000 USD
  8. United States Jax Money Crew $2,000 USD
    United States Team 3D $1,250 USD
    United Kingdom 4Kings $1,250 USD
    United States Check-Six $1,250 USD
    United States rSports $1,250 USD
    United States SK.swe $1,250 USD
    United States MiBR $1,250 USD
    United States Pandemic $1,250 USD
    United States x3o $1,250 USD

United States WSVG FINALS (December 10th, 2006)

        1. Germany ALTERNATE aTTaX $50,000 USD + 5 Rolex watches
  2. United States Team 3D $25,000 USD
  3. Sweden Fnatic $10,000 USD
  4. United States Pandemic  
  5-6. Sweden SK Gaming  
  5-6. China Hacker.Gaming  
  7-8. United States compLexity  
  7-8. Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas  
  9-10. Poland Pentagram  
  9-10. China  

? WCG 2006 (October 2006)

        1. Poland Pentagram $60,000 USD
  2. Sweden NiP $30,000 USD
  3. Finland hoorai $15,000 USD
  4. Denmark NoA Hardware
    United States Team 3D  
    Norway Meet Your Makers  
    Germany Mousesports  
    South Korea Hacker.Project  

United States WSVG Intel Summer Championship (July 9th, 2006)

        1. Sweden compLexity $40,000 USD
  2. Norway ALTERNATE aTTaX $27,000 USD
  3. Poland Fnatic $20,000 USD
  4. France 4Kings $13,500 USD
  5. China mousesports $9,000 USD
  6. South Korea g3x.Intel $7,500 USD
  7. Finland Check-Six.USA $4,500 USD
  8. United States Speed-Link $3,000 USD
  9-12 United States Team 3D $2,250 USD
  9-12 United Kingdom Chillside-Gaming $2,250 USD
  9-12 United States Team NoA $2,250 USD
  9-12 United States Check-Six.swe $2,250 USD
  13-16 United States Jax Money Crew $1,500 USD
  13-16 United States Pandemic $1,500 USD
  13-16 United States United 5 $1,500 USD
  13-16 United States alltherage $1,500 USD

? ESWC 2006 (July 1st, 2006)

        1. Brazil Made in Brazil $52,000 USD
  2. Sweden Fnatic $36,000 USD
  3. Germany ALTERNATE aTTaX $24,000 USD
  4. United States Team 3D $16,000 USD
    United States Complexity $8,000 USD
    South Korea Lunatic-Hai $8,000 USD
    Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas $8,000 USD
    Spain x6tence $8,000 USD

? WEG 2006 (May 2006)

        1. China wNv Gaming $70,000 USD
  2. United States compLexity $20,000 USD
  3. South Korea Hacker.Project $8,000 USD
  4. Norway Catch Gamer $4,000 USD
    Russia Virtus Pro $2,000 USD
    Sweden SK Gaming $2,000 USD
    United Kingdom 4Kings $2,000 USD
    Norway Team NoA $2,000 USD

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