Welcome to the Pwnage Rankings! This isn't meant to be a list of the best teams in the world, but rather the hottest, dedicated to the teams that rip up a tournament and take no prisoners.

It's another installment of the Pwnage Rankings, and the more things change, the more they stay the same. compLexity has been in the #1 spot so long, they're making a strong case to have the position renamed after them.

The CGS teams seemed to alternate performances in CEVO and at the Newegg LANFest. The Venom and the Core played poorly at the LAN, but did well in CEVO, while 3D and the Optx fared poorly in CEVO and did well at the LAN. Unfortunately, the CHImera didn't play well in either, and coL (predictably?) won both events.

As usual, a few teams died since our last ranks (Eximius, zEx), and a few teams jumped from obscurity to make a big splash. Let's get to the good stuff.

* - Denotes Record in CEVO Season 4
^ - Denotes CAL Record

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United States 1 (1) coL 10-1*

If coL's manager was Jason "2" Lake, would they come in second at every event, instead of first?
United States 2 (3) OPTX 5-6*
LAN play is always weighted more heavily for El Jefe. But the CEVO record is still scary, and the gap between #1 and #2 is bigger than Tiger and Elle Woods.
United States 3 (4) NY3D 5-6*
A lot of teams would kill to have 3D's "problems". 4th place at DigitalLife, and a 3rd place finish at Newegg LANFest make up for a disappointing showing in CEVO.
United States 4 (6) Turmoil 5-6* Is their second-place finish at DigitalLife or their exclusion from the CEVO playoffs more indicative of their talent? With Paradox joining the ranks, and a push for the CGS coming up, the first seems more likely.
United States 5 (9) +} 5-6*
The CEVO record doesn't sparkle, but they turned it on when it mattered to finish second in playoffs after entering as the sixth seed. Zombler Nation approves.
United States 6 (2) CHImera 3-8*
How the mighty have fallen. It's been all bad news since the victory in the CGS. 3-8?! In the words of Ricky Ricardo: "you got some 'splainin' to do."
United States 7 (5) Venom 9-2* Nipping at the CHImera's heels, but they didn't even make it out of group play at Newegg, and they didn't make much noise in the playoffs despite being the second seed. Yuck.
United States 8 (8) Core 6-5* "They are who we thought they were!" At this point, we should know what to expect from the Core: an occasional upset, along with getting upset occasionally. Middle of the pack Source team.
United States 9 (16) tlr 6-5* Here's where it gets tricky. Every team after them has had roster problems, or didn't play in CEVO. TLR made the CEVO playoffs, and that's good enough to put them ahead of those teams.
United States 10 (10) eGe 7-7^ Holdin' steady due to the lack of play against their PR competition.Could easily move up a couple spots when they get a chance to show their talent.
United States 11 (7) Pandemic 6-5* They lost Paradox, and it's hard to say what will happen to the team. Two big blows, but they're still here based on potential -- and quite frankly, the rest have similar problems.
United States 12 (12) Hyper 4-7* Hyper always seems to have two things: potential, and roster problems. Maybe this iteration will be different.
United States 13 (15) eMg.css n/a Weren't having the best CAL season, but they did pick up OSK to form a hybrid roster. They should be solid.
United States 14 (11) Eximius 2-9* Playing out their CAL matches, but it's probably just a formality. The team is dead, and a search is underway.
United States 15 (19) u5 n/a Next three teams are here based solely on potential. They should all be making a run at the CGS or other major competitions.
United States 16 (20) GRev n/a See Five, United.
United States 17 (n/a) g3 n/a See Revolution, Gaming.
United States 18 (n/a) nsF 8-5^ Best team in CAL? Not likely. But probably the most surprising, and El Jefe approves.
United States 19 (13) eX n/a Formerly known as inRage, with a slightly different lineup. They lose deimon, arguably their best player, to a newly formed carNage team. Holding on the list from past glory as inRage.
United States 20 (n/a) Honolulu Eruptors 11-3^ Zombler Nation approves. If fans equated directly to placement, they might be #1. Plus, they're 11-3 in CAL-Invite, good for first place. +}

Dropped Out: zEx, LucK, MnM

On the bubble: Cyber Phenom, ajnin, PK, electrify!, eX, carNage

What to watch for: CGS World Finals, and the Individual World Finals, as well. CAL Playoffs are just around the corner, and CEVO is just completing their Season 5 Placement Tournament. More rankings should be coming up soon!

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