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Like  many competitive gamers, Mike has gamed his whole life and remembers classic PC games like Wing Commander and Privateer very fondly (it’s too bad he didn’t quit while he was ahead, because those were the last two games he was ever truly good at).  After his friend introduced him to Counter-Strike in 2002, he entered the competitive gaming world and joined a CAL-IM CS clan.  He has since moved on to compete in CAL-M in both CS 1.6 and CS:Source, in addition to playing briefly in CAL’s Quake4 division.  In 2006 he attended WSVG Kentucky and CPL Summer. 


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During my time in the community I've seen a lot of growth in CS and eSports in general, but I’ve also seen many of the warts (GotFrag Forums, I'm looking at you).  Still, professional gaming continues to get more exposure despite these flaws; there’s growing local and national coverage on channels like ESPN and USA, and with it, growing sponsorships.  There is no doubt in my mind that eSports will continue growing until it plays a prominent role in a sports fan’s life, complete with rivalries, hot-stove banter and water-cooler chit-chat. 

But while gaming is growing, there are still serious issues that need to be solved, or at the very least, recognized and discussed in a place other than random forums. (If you've spent any time around eSports, you know forums are dark, scary places, places long bereft of things like “reason” and “logic”.) Hence, LANDodger: a place where the eSports community can not only bring eSports issues to the forefront but also have their voices heard to affect change.


About LANDodger

GotFrag does an excellent job covering the eSports scene: they report team and player movement, they cover 1.6 LANs well (although they often disregard CS:Source LANs);  they have experienced staff members that write intelligently about hardware, games and players, and they have connections for breaking news and player interviews.

But for all GotFrag’s strengths, they leave most of their commentary to their forums. A player changing teams is a news story, but there‘s little discussion about how it will change the teams involved, no predictions of success or failure.

There are larger issues too. Ksharp comes out of retirement to rejoin Team 3D, but nobody talks about the significance of him quitting his job to do it -- usually people quit eSports for jobs, not the other way around.

This is what LANDodger is for. It's a blog about eSports issues and why what's happening is important.

If you have any suggestions or comments about LANDodger, please send them to mike@landodger.com. Anything from new features to a roster correction, all feedback is much appreciated. If you have a comment or qualm with the Pwnage Rankings, send those to jefe@landodger.com. El Jefe is the boss of all things pwnage.



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