February 27, 2009

Or so I've heard.

The topic in 3D's IRC channel claims that, anyway. I'm going to assume the news is true because we all know that IRC topics cannot be faked by any technology known to man and nobody has ever played a prank by changing their IRC topic.

On a serious note, I have no reason to suspect the news isn't true. Torbull said he was going through the process in an earlier GotFrag interview, so this news should only surprise people that didn't read the interview.

As for the impact, I'm certainly happy because I think it's great to have one of the premier names in gaming back in the hands of people that truly love gaming. The problem is that I'm not sure this has an immediate impact on the scene. In the same GotFrag interview, Torbull also said he wasn't going to bring back a team for 3D if he didn't feel like they'd live up to the name -- in other words, he's not going to put you and your four friends on the team just for the sake of having a team.

That shouldn't stop you from PMing him incessantly about your chances, though, and asking about who the new team will be.