Just got done watching compLexity's CEVO-Main match against outplayed, and had some initial observations about the team.

First, let's agree not to base their potential ceiling on their first few matches. They already have a 7-16 loss to North Stars United (???) on the books, and they barely squeaked out this match in OT. It took the old compLexity a while to readjust to 1.6, and with the mixed roster of former NY3D and Venom players, they're probably just starting to lay the groundwork for all their strats and setups.

(Plus, tonight's match was on de_forge. When this team was formed, I doubt the first thing they said was "Let's make sure we bootcamp Forge so we can compete with all those dominant European teams! Yeah!")

That being said, I think people are still going to dismiss them way too early. I believe this because the CS community has a slight tendency to overreact. If they follow the old coL's path, by the time week four or five rolls around, there will be a marked improvement in some of the scores, probably dotted with some close losses, right before they make the leap and start to truly feel comfortable with 1.6 and each other. That'll happen right as the season is closing and they enter playoffs.

That's how I feel, anyway.

As for individual potential, they've still got oodles of it. You could see flashes of it from everybody with the possible exception of zid, who I thought had a pretty rough game. There was at least 2-3 rounds in the second half and OT where he was AWPing mid on Forge as a CT (think of AWPing mid on Cbble, if you don't know Forge) and left himself way too open for a kill trade or even just a death. It definitely opened up their defense, as opposed to the round he AWPed from the left site and was able to fall back to cover and racked up three kills. Over the long term I have absolutely no concerns about him, but I didn't think he was in top shape tonight.

The last thing is that most of their improvement will probably be in the small things that differentiate between good teams and great teams. The best example I can think of is one of their CT eco rounds. Sunman was hiding at the back of the left site on top of the boxes, and the bomber had just walked into the site, about to plant. Sunman peeked just a hair too early and the bomber spotted his legs, stopped planting, and picked up an easy frag.

With a few more weeks of readjustment under his belt, I think that situation plays out differently. Maybe not, but maybe I can't help but think he'd have a better feel for not only the timing of the bomber, but exactly when he'd be visible to the enemy and when to make the gamble.

All that being said, I love this roster. They've got plenty of talent, experience, and maturity. For now, we'll just have to temper expectations while they pick up where they left off in 1.6 so long ago.