October 21, 2008

It's almost time for another season of CEVO-P Source. There are sixteen teams in the league this season, which is a pretty big difference from the normal ten.

That means a couple things. First, there's a lot more angles to cover. And second, a lot of people are going to fall flat on their virtual faces. Even in a ten-team field the last couple teams have, historically, struggled to make noise in the league. Now we have six more teams, and some of the matches are going to be a little lopsided. That's just how it works.

But, as teams sometimes fall on their faces, so do predictions and the people that make (read: write) them. With that in mind, sapphiRe and I are going through all sixteen teams and giving you some of that need-to-know information. We're going in reverse order, starting with the teams we think will struggle the most. Our only hope is that, at the end of the season, we don't look back and wonder what kind of drugs we were on.

Good luck to everybody competing in CEVO-P this season. We're looking forward to seeing the action.

Team Predictions

1. Dallas Venom
2. New York 3D
3 (t). San Francisco OPTX
3 (t). Los Angeles Complexity
5. Carolina Core
6. '94 Knicks
7. Zomblerz
8. Chicago Chimera
9. Devastation
10. Dynamic
11. x3o
12. Hyper
13. Cyber Revolution
14. PK
16 (t). Keyboard Smashers
16 (t). Mug 'n Mouse

CEVO, Source